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Technology Based Services

Virtual therapy is perfect for people today with busy schedules or who prefer to seek services from home! Although, virtual therapy is not the same experience as face-to-face therapy but rather a unique experience of its own that may be helpful to some individuals and not to others.  At Quantum, we believe that on-line therapy is a great to reach individuals that may not normally be seen in the traditional therapy office.  Sometimes discretion is key and the anonymity of these type of mental health services is greatly appreciated.  We have found that oppressed communities, i.e. LGBT+ and SGL, communities of color, and those who identify as female are often in need of services provided in the most sensitive and affirming fashion.  The goal is to reduce stigma and avoid re-traumatization.  Therefore, on-line mental health services can be beneficial for the right person and the right time in their lives. Please read the following advantages and risks to see if online therapy might be right for you.


  • You can engage in therapy even if you are home-bound or live in a remote area.
  • You can have access to an English-speaking therapist even if you live in a foreign country.
  • Depending on availability, you may have access to a Spanish speaking therapist.
  • You can keep the same therapist if you tend to relocate frequently.
  • You can send emails at anytime of the day or night.
  • You will have an automatic written record of the therapy.
  • You can read the therapist's responses as often as is helpful to you.
  • You can take as much time as needed to compose your emails.
  • You can choose a single consultation or ongoing therapy.
  • You do not have to travel to a therapist's office or mental health clinic.
  • It's possible to engage in therapy from home, work, or even while traveling.
  • Online therapy is generally more affordable than face-to-face therapy.
  • Online therapy can be less intimidating with no stigma attached.


  • The lack of body language and verbal (spoken) cues;
  • The possibility of misunderstandings due to text-based communications;
  • Problems associated with technology failures (i.e., power outages, crashes);
  • Risks to confidentiality due to technology (i.e. hackers);
  • Potential difficulties in verifying the identity of either party;
  • Problems in helping a suicidal or homicidal client;
  • The requirement of being comfortable with computers and keyboards;
  • The fact that some insurance companies generally will not pay for online therapy.


  • You have serious thoughts of hurting yourself or others – please refer to the crisis page;
  • You have a chronic mental illness requiring intense treatment;
  • You prefer face-to-face therapy and it is available to you;
  • You are uncomfortable with computers and keyboards.


  • Face-to-face therapy or counseling from a mental health professional;
  • Finding a support group in the community;
  • Using family or friends as supports;
  • Reading self-help books.

Quantum is pleased to have a myriad of therapists that have been trained on the nuances of providing online therapy.  Also, these mental health professionals are incredibly multi-culturally competent, as well as being social justice advocates. We believe that online therapy can include a mix of Video Therapy, Chat/Text Therapy, and Email Counseling. It really comes down to what works best for you. Please continue reading to learn more about Video Therapy, Chat/Text Therapy, and Email Counseling.

Some reasons why previous client have entered into a online therapy process:

  1. Relationship Issues
  2. Depression and Bipolar Disorder
  3. Anxiety Disorders, Phobias and Fears
  4. Grief and Loss
  5. Trauma
  6. Divorce Recovery
  7. Parent Education
  8. Personality Disorder
  9. Teen Angst
  10. ADHD
  11. Behavior Modification

Real Talk Video Therapy

Video Therapy are real time, 50-minute talk therapy sessions by video (encrypted, secure, and confidential platform). At the time of our scheduled appointment, I will contact you via the Theranest platform, which is always free for you. Video Therapy offer real time and face-to-face therapy with the same flexibility in addressing issues as when meeting clients face-to-face in the STL office. Although, Video Therapy requires a good high speed internet connection. Remember, that all therapeutic interaction will happen on a secure, confidential, HIPPA compliant platform.

Here's how it works : First, contact us and request services.  Then we will send you a link to to register in our client portal. You will have access to all our intake paperwork.  When everything is completed and signed, we can set your appointment for virtual therapy.  It's just that simple. The Video Therapy can happen via your computer, tablet, or smart phone and from wherever you are.  Just schedule your time and after you receive your introductory email with all your pertinent information.





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