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Community Partners

The 2ND Genesis Foundation Logo
The 2ND Genesis Foundation

The 2 nd Genesis Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit organization designed by concerned community members, with particular focus on health disparities, mental health, violence prevention, and substance abuse. 2G’s mission is provide holistic wellness services to under-served and disproportionately impacted inner city and suburban communities of color. The organization has been rooted in the Southside community and funded by various local and state  entities. The 2 nd Genesis Foundation is committed to working with people who are interested in improving their overall health, while focusing on mind body and spirit, impacting communities’ one individual at a time. At 2nd Genesis, we strive to provide affordable holistic wellness services for our clients.  We truly understand the pressures of today and assist people by providing information, tools, support, and resources that an individual, community, or organization needs to grow. Our mantra is "helping communities heal themselves". With the current emphasis on nationwide accountability and outcome data, community programs have to gradually becoming more scientific. Organizations have adopt a defensible methodology for selecting evidence-based interventions to solve common social behavior problems.  At 2ND Genesis, we can assist with EBI facilitation, piloting, curriculum writing, development, and evaluation..Fortunately, 2 nd Genesis has core staff of seasoned mental health professionals responsible for providing program implementation and the day-to-day operations of the organization. In addition, we have a very qualified pool of consultants that represent the populations served, as well as providing culturally proficient individual, group, and community level interventions.

We are currently funded by MADE who is funded by The Illinois Department of Health to provide wellness services around health disparities. Project 2G aims to decrease community HIV viral load and HIV risk behaviors within HIV-positive Black Men who have sex with men (BMSM) ages 20-49 through the utilization of cultural, linguistic and holistic science based prevention methods. The Project 2G is innovative, in such that it is a peer driven project designed to fast track and coordinate linkages to care for newly infected and out of care BMSM in targeted Westside, high HIV incidence communities. The term 2nd Genesis which means rebirth, the process that Black Same Gender Loving (SGL) men go through on their journey to love and affirm themselves. This project is designed to meet the holistic prevention, care, and mental health needs of BMSM residing in the highest HIV prevalence areas on the Westside of Chicago. We created an organic management framework to address the burden of HIV disease impacting BMSM by combining theory from evidenced based interventions to influence this homegrown intervention 2G! Subsequently, HIV/STI CTL prevention services, and the development of a culturally proficient service provider network that address multi-behavioral determinants plaguing BMSM. Now, 2nd Genesis has a location in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.


The Thrive Mental Heath Network

Thrive's aim to raise awareness by educating individuals, providing empowering opportunities for communities, and to eradicate mental health stigma. The network strives to support the mental health of people around the world. We believe that building mental health and wellness is a transformative process where we grow through introspection, self -reflection, and the pursuit of personal growth. At the Thrive Mental Health Network, we strive to inspire our global family to live their best lives.  Through our collaboration with, we are able to reach over 188 countries and millions of global listeners, especially under-served and marginalized communities of color.  The network will provide over 75 cyber radio and streaming television shows that focus on all the dimensions of wellness, with particular emphasis on mental health, wellness, and spirituality.  The shows target all different types of people from adolescents to people thriving at 80. The shows deal with all types of mental health diagnoses and everyday mental health challenges.  If you would like to know more about the Thrive Mental Health Network, pleas log on @ 





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